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the sound a bloody donkey makes, *donkey* *points at the guy who spelt it donkie*
I am a donkey.
I go hee-haw.
by Jmac July 03, 2004
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To smack or slap someone across the face for having a stupid looking hat on their head, or just to smack someone in general.
Yeah, he said something stupid so I koufi-smacked that nigga.
by Jmac March 08, 2005
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small penis male
by jmac February 06, 2003
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not cool
You are so bujiff!
Bujiff to my hommies!
by Jmac October 04, 2004
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a physcho german who destroys any thing he sees
aahh crazy burkler u just broke your new bike
by jmac November 12, 2003
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Response indicating one is willing to participate in the afformentioned event. "I'm Game" is always precluded by a suggestion or indication of an activity.
Mills: "Yeah, We headed down the club. You with us?"
Mack: "I'm game."
Frank: "She said she was goin to church Sunday morning. I'm game, so we had mad crazy sex all night."
by JMac April 29, 2004
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the tube were your shit comes out, it is inside you.
dont do it you have a hyper sensative colen!!!
by Jmac November 07, 2003
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