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a person who has been notified
Notificants who do not respond to our first notifications will be sent a second reminder.
by jfkelley April 08, 2015
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A method by which some users choose their path through websites, i.e., by clicking on the "shiny" buttons and links, with little regard for the information architecture or existing navigation hierarchy.
We made the happy path buttons larger and bright blue to facilitate magpie navigation.
by jfkelley March 18, 2013
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A FIFO (First-In, First-Out) stack in computing is also known as a Push-down, Pull-out stack - records or events or items are pushed down at the top and pulled out at the bottom. A LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) is also known as a Push-down, Pop-out stack - records are pushed down from the top and pulled out from the top.

You can imagine a FIBO or Push-down, Blow-out stack where you keep pushing events or to-do items (or emails) down at the top until the pressure reaches a certain point at which time the bottom of the stack ruptures and all the items in the queue blow out the bottom and scatter all over the floor.

For some folks, their email inbox is a Push-down, Blow-out stack where any emails that get pushed down below the fold (bottom edge of the screen) essentially disappear from their reality and might as well have blown out all over the floor.
My To-Do list is a Push-down, Blow-out stack which has reached critical mass and exploded; it's blissfully reassuring now that I have nothing in my To-Do list!
by jfkelley June 19, 2018
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The fundamental dichotomy when designing any web application: The business goals/requirements of the enterprise (the "push") vs. the needs/requirements of the end-user/customer (the "pull"). Best visualized with a simple, two-circle Venn diagram. The intersection being the "sweet" spot (no-brainer stuff to do). Some designers/researchers will add a third circle for technological constraints (context), but many effective designers prefer to make that a secondary consideration during early concepting.
This corporate mandate to increase self-service options and reduce traffic to your call centers ignores the push-pull trade-off between cost and customer satisfaction; there are certain cases where the customer really feels the need to talk to someone.
by jfkelley June 18, 2018
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A practitioner of Agile Software Development who is fanatical about hewing to the Agile Manifesto.

Coined by J.F. Kelley for a Keynote Address given to the World Usability Day conference in Dayton, OH, November 2007.

(But was possibly also in use prior to that.)
Hey, if they can call their mission statement a "manifesto", I can call them "Agilistas"!
by jfkelley September 08, 2010
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A high-severity defect that leaves the system in a very bad state. (noun)

Etymology: a combination of "defect" and the adjective form of a common 4-letter slang word derived from the latin fvccant which, in common parlance means to have been cheated.

Alternate definition: an unlikely condition of having regained ones virginity (but this would probably require a homophonic spelling).
I logged two defects on the layout and a defuct about the server crash.
by jfkelley June 19, 2009
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Since we found out you didn't steal from petty cash, we have decide to determinate your employment.
by jfkelley April 26, 2016
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