smooth sentual and kind a man worth loving
by Johnais Muse August 21, 2003
fine,sexy,good personality,funny,and the most down to earth man i ever seen.
also lil-fizz but i'm really fellin
i would love to you know with him and
give him a little pleasure but it's will
he do the same for me.
by straight up secret admirer September 28, 2003
Raz-B is the most down to earth brutha in B2K.. From personal experience I came to see that His body is so sexy,he does not have a big head and think he is all that, like other members such as J-Boog, and Omarion.. Lil' Fizz is also pretty laid back and down to earth..
by C-Entertainment August 22, 2003
by johanna August 15, 2003
sexy,gangsta and much talent and u cant forget those big lucious sexy lips whoa and that body omg
by jessie August 24, 2003
1/4th of B2K and is the sexiest member of the group and those Lips and that body OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN you are fine oh how I wish that you were mine but if he give the time and see satisfaction guaranteed!
by khameleon August 31, 2003
sexy-hot,fine,his body,and his lips
by braebrae July 28, 2003