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what is on when youve accidently fallen asleep in front of the tv, or when your too lazy to turn off the tv because your on the internet.
also known as infomercials
john: agh tv woke me up in the middle of the night, paid programming was on
bill: hm interesting.. you know insomniacs use to watch paid programming before the internet was born.

matt: omg i seriously had the craziest dream last night
zack: yea what happened
matt: billy mays was convincing me to buy OxiClean
by jeny April 06, 2008

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informal; brit. Mother
oh no butter scones for me mater, im off to fly the grand piano

by jeny September 02, 2007

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verb trans.

to treat someone as a child or in a way that denies their maturity
jimmy infantilizes his friends all the time
by jeny September 02, 2007

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a place u go to, to escape reality. no one else can enter your cereal box, only you!
brian: i went into my cereal box last night it was great!
shaun: huh? what are you high?!
brian: no dude you should go into your cereal box sometime its great!
shaun: ...
brian: anything is possible when your-
shaun: dude?
brian: lalalalala in a cereal box!
shaun: ... poor ol brian. ok take him away boys.

(brian spent several years in the Cuckoo Puffs asylum, he was later found dead from suffocation inside a cereal box)
by jeny February 25, 2008

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making something more civilized; humane
"i tried to help the children but they tore my arm off!!!!"

"the opposite of humanize is dehumanize"

"wtf mate?!?! cant u see i have no bloody arm??"

"i can see that but urban dictionary said we have to have the word in the example"
by jeny October 08, 2007

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having a crush on some one you met on the internet. real unfortunate if u dont know how they look like, if they like you back, or if they even exist.
Jeny: omg steve i think i have an online crush on this guy i met online what should i do?

Steve (secretly has a crush on jeny): well ill tell you what IM going to do, first im gonna find him, then im gonna kill him.. MUAHUAHUAHA

Jeny (doesn't like steve much): but what if he doesn't exist?

Steve: um.. what? well i guess theres nothing we can do then

(Jeny's internet crush stalked her myspace profile, found out were steve lived, and killed him)

Jeny: yay my hero! wait.. ur not 18!

(she then grabbed a knife and killed her internet crush)

by jeny October 04, 2007

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another way of saying crap but in a very pissed off way or possibly in a very good way
"michael moore was assassinated"

"jeny became rooler of the world"
"crapness... wait who the hell is jeny?!?"
by jeny September 22, 2007

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