79 definition by jackie

the coolest character in www.homstarrunner.com with a speech impediment. of course, he's the coolest next to Stwong- i mean strong bad
Homestar: Hello, and welcome to
pompter dude: Psst. It's .com
Homestar: Oh yeah, wight. "It's dot com!"
Prompter dude: augh... cut!
by Jackie November 10, 2003

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he who has balls that are large
did you see his phatty ballz? therye huge
by jackie January 22, 2004

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When a man is sticking his dick in a womans virgina she screams oooh yeah.
oooh yeah baby harder.
by Jackie February 22, 2005

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the female version: never one to turn down a drink,always throwing parties, and always begging her lame brother to party with her
Damn Somodi! You're drunk again?
Damn Somodi, if I need to pick your drunk butt up one more time...
by Jackie January 28, 2003

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1)To be shouted at random
2)To be used when describing multiple virgins
J: So, Laura, how was your weekend?
L: It was great! I went (D: VIRGINITYE) Virginitye!
by Jackie January 10, 2005

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THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!an awesome show about rich kids in orange county that face alot of problems and make you wish you lived there
kid: do you wanna do someting thursday nite??
coolkid: no!! im watching the oc only the geatest show ever!
by jackie March 23, 2005

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The name of the hottest person ever to live.
Ooooh, that Jacalin is so fine!
by Jackie January 18, 2005

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