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its not a science class, in fact chemistry class is fucking math. I didn't fucking sign up for fucking math
student 1- man fuck my life
student 2-why
student 1-chemistry class
student 2-is it really that bad
student 1-. 1.00 km (1000 m / 1 km)( 100 cm / 1 m)(1 inch / 2.54 cm) = 3.94 x 104
or 39,400 inches
student 2-the fuck is that
student 1-hell
by it cant be September 29, 2020

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The class that is fucking up my GPA
Fuck,my Spanish class keeps fucking up my GPA
by it cant be December 02, 2020

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The time your dumbass refused to eat dinner and then your suddenly hungry in the middle of the night. Midnight snack time is magical because for some reason everything you do, makes a noise louder than the Big Bang.
I was just writing the definition for Midnight Snack at 2:34am when I became hungry. So I got out of my bed and then the second I touched the cold wooden floor, that shit just made a sound louder than the Big Bang. Then when I got to my door, my mom had the belt in her left hand and slipper in her right.
by it cant be November 24, 2020

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dumb memes that dont cure depression, ussually involves lines from old movies and is usually related to the subject your being forced to learn
teacher: im going to show you guys a very funny meme
person named mike: oh boy its gonna be bad
teacher: shows teacher memes
person named mike: i wanna move out of this class now
via giphy
by it cant be October 07, 2020

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A dumb test that has nothing to do with what you learned or studied for, for the past 2 weeks
i studied geometry for 2 weeks strait but instead of a geometry benchmark test they gave me a calculus benchmark test.
by it cant be November 04, 2020

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The excuse for teachers to give out long ass homeworks and projects that will take you more than 1 week to finish.
me: yeah man thanksgiving break is coming, cant wait to bust a nut and eat turky
Teachers: ha ha fuck you, heres 1000 pages of essay you need to write and 20 rojects you need to do before december 1st
me: fuck
by it cant be November 10, 2020

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a hit or miss....thats all
A Soundcloud Rapper is just a hit or miss.
by it cant be November 30, 2020

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