Turki is a name of a man who is extremely attractive individual. He sets the standard for others by being completely and undeniably amazing in every way possible. He also makes the best Kabsah in the world. Most turki's are addicted to mama nora shawermah. Turki also can beat any buddy in the world. He is strong and very smart. He also answers his phone very fast.
"We are in trouble!!!!!!"
"Call Turki!!"
"Turki!! come help us"
by theman888 February 22, 2012
Verb. To get fingered by someone. Only applicable to women.
I got turkied at that party last night!

I'm getting turkied by my boyfriend under the table right now!

I shouldn't have dumped him, he turkied me so good!
by GettinTurkied March 16, 2011
Traditionally flocked with feathers, the inherently evil Turkie is an inhabitant of the Turkie Valley. Turkies are predominantly scavengers, and traditionally possess razor-sharp claws, however appearances have been known to vary wildly. Sexually promiscuous by nature, males traditionally determine rank by the size of their gobbler. Turkies are know universally as the only known natural enemy to the Creature.
"Oh no; it's a Turkie!"
by Bryan November 21, 2004
Term used by suberban white girls meaning 'extremely drunk'
she was so turkied last night at the party that she threw up several times
by elissa August 22, 2004
To tie the sleeves of someones coat/jumper so when they put their arm into it they can't push it right the way down the sleeve and therefore flap like a Turkey!
Hah hah he has been turkied!
by Maggied123 December 17, 2009
To consume large amounts of wild turkey 101, get blacked out drunk, and make piss poor decisions
Dude#1. How you feeling this morning?
Dude#2. Like total shit. I got all turkied up, scored an 8 ball, blew all my money, and the wife is super pissed.

Dude#1. You will learn one of these days.
by Cheetoman69er December 18, 2016
Supremely owned, embarrassingly schooled
"I just totally Mud Turkied you at a game of pool." Which translates roughly in to, "I just beat you so bad at pool that your mother started crying and offered me her body so I would stop destroying you so madKorely".
by Jeremy Slider October 29, 2007