Army term for the mess hall (Dining Facility) is abbreviated DFAC usually on the signs in front of the building.

DFAC is used as a written abbreviation / acronym. When used in speach pronounced like Dee Fack
I'm going to drag my ass over to the DFAC and get dinner.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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Military dining facility. Pronounced Dee Fack. Somewhere you don't wanna eat unless you have to.
Airman 1: Hey let's go get lunch at the DFAC!

Airman 2: Get DFAC outta here. Let's go to twin peaks.
by Milspec Mildred September 18, 2019
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Man 1: Dude, you should totally ask her out.

Man 2: I went DFAC bro.
Man 1: Good choice, I'll be a broke bastard my whole life until I do that.
by xHiHx July 10, 2010
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Acronym for Dallas based animal cruelty investigation and rescue team "Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission"

Known for leading to the arrest of multiple animal dumpers in Dallas, tx
This is also a group you dont want to screw with.
Did you check out DFAC's latest live feed?

DFAC did it again!
DFAC...something is seriously wrong with those crazy assholes.
by Dowdydogz February 12, 2019
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Acronym for: Don't Fuck Around Crew
Nuff Said
Friend 1. "Risko what are you doing?" Friend 2 "Yeah Risko what the fuck?"
3rd friend"Stop messing around risko! This is DFAC... we don't fuck around...nikka!"
by DFACorGTFO October 25, 2010
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a trend on yt shorts & tiktok
so basically, a piano account posted a chord progression with the music noted so you can follow along
and people interpreted it as lyrics so people started dueting it trying to sing them lmao
and dfac just so happens to sound like "DA FUCK?" so thats the part where people scream
Fun fact: the chords of face fabd egbd egac dfac dfgb cegc are actually the chord progression to the opening of Never Gonna Give You Up
by Commieblocks May 7, 2023
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DFAC is a meme that came from a bunch of piano key notes on a video where People attempt to sing FACE FABD EGBD EGAC ๐ƒ๐…๐€๐‚ DFGB CEGC. The tune is made by Official_Juney on TikTok. The meme is where the sentence DFAC sounds like The Fuck (Da Fuck) Gaining multiple remakes of People singing the song and some stopping at DFAC.
DFAC Defenition: is a way of saying The Fuck in a memish term Link For Video
by DyladogGaming42 October 27, 2023
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