People born on August 22 are kind Optimistic people and are a light to this world They are very Pretty and are very Athletic they are also amazing friends so keep them and tell them all your secrets because they can keep them but make sure to check up on them once in awhile
She must be born on August 22 she’s AMAZING!!!!
by Edith14 October 15, 2019
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This is the day cute people are born.
My gf was born on August 22
by UnwashedBrain June 1, 2021
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National hug and cuddle your bf all day
Aye you know it’s august 22
Yeah so
You gonna hug and cuddle your bf?
by ImagineYessir August 22, 2021
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It’s national bad bitch day for bitches who aren’t bad but they’re bad, you know? These are the bitches with lil booties that jiggle and clap when they go downstairs after just getting out the shower. These are the bitches who ain’t got a fatty but got a f- okay lemme stop.
“Dayummmmmmm!!!! She born on August 22? Lemme hop on this real quick cause ion like big bitches, but I like big bitches. You feel me?”
by theytrynaeatcrack October 17, 2019
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Jason- Hey Bro it’s august 22!
Liam- Oh really what does that mean?
Jason- National Brotherhood day!
Liam- Oh well, happy national brotherhood day bro!
by SportsFan12458 October 20, 2019
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whoever is born on this day believes in coca-cola supremacy.
August 22nd
Dude: Can I have a coke
Waiter: Is pepsi ok?
Dude: Are you fucking joking??? *pulls out coca-cola themed glock*
by erzywerzy September 24, 2021
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Boy:I want you to know that I love you
Girl:aw I love you too why are you saying this?
Boy:it's August 22
by Jess loud August 21, 2021
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