A mischeivious person, harmless in nature, but always up to be'n a brat.
Chump are you stupid, your putting Michelle in charge of the batchlors party, you know she is a bad egg...you'll end get'n a lap dance from a Grannie!
by Jane Nazrat March 19, 2010
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Noun. A miscreant, a corrupt person, an untrustworthy person. Cf. 'good egg'.
"That Saddam is a bad egg!"

"Then Dubya's an egg with a stillborn chicken inside it!"
by Alex Quantashassle August 2, 2005
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Proof that you are a naughty hacker and will be reported to the FBI
“I got a Bad Egg in Pokémon.”
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Bad Egg gives off a pungent smell, and is inedible.
In urban terms, Bad Egg, is similar to Bullshit except that Bad Egg definitely leads to violence or tension, whereas bullshit may be overlooked.
Oh he just called me and was just trying to feed me Bad Egg. I coulda took his bullshit but I aint eating Bad Egg. Telling me he was so drunk he thought it was me - shit do I look like I been smacked in the face a few times like she does? I will tear his face off when I see that skunk.
by Fanny Wazzocks Cookbook October 4, 2007
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when you are having a bad day, when things aren't going right.
john: "hows it going?"

craig: "pretty bad, having a bad egg day..missed GLEE :("
by craigmacglee April 1, 2010
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its a phrase used when someone is not having a good day. if they are having a lot of bad luck, or if things just aren't going right.
Shwickerella: "Hey bbz hows it going;)?"

Ruth: "not too good..having a bad egg day, found out my ex is GAY!!"
by RuthLOOOOOVESVanilla April 1, 2010
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Someone who is a spy and is very spy.
"MrC0_ is a bad egg" -Holly XO
by Major Thot Patrol March 14, 2019
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