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A Cookup is what prisoners create out of various food items from the commissary list at their particular jail or prison. Also known as a jail-pizza, a Cookup usually consists of a mixture of squeeze cheese, pulverized doritos or any other spicy style chips, a pickle cut into tiny fragments, a sausage cut into tiny fragments and any other ingredients that would go well in the mixture like hot sauce. Everything is mixed into a paste and it laid over club-crackers, ritz crackers and even can be put between 2 slices of bread like a peanut butter sandwich. The paste can also be heated if the prisoners have access to a heat source. A Cookup is usually made by 2 or more prisoners, each adding their ingredients to the pot. A Cookup is a great way to waste time and serves as a special 4th meal, usually before lights out.
"I've got the chips and a pickle, Tyrone has a sausage and squeeze-cheese. You holding some crackers Vinnie? Aww hell yea son, Let's have a Cookup!"

"What are those 4 prisoners doing huddled around that table with all that food warden?" "They must be doing a Cookup."
by iceman 69 January 05, 2010

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Hatemail is armor constructed by a prisoner and made from the thousands of hateful letters sent to them by their victim's family. The hate filled letters are so many in number that the prisoner has a steady supply of materials with which to forge the hatemail. Similar to chainmail in form and function, hatemail is used to stop knives, shivs and shanks from piercing vital organs. The hatemail covers the prisoner's abdomen, sternum and chest and is light weight and easy to buiild.
Charles Manson was attacked by a fellow prisoner but his hatemail armor protected him and stopped the shank from entering his flesh. Shannon Tate's family sent Charlie all the supplies he needed to forge the hatemail. The irony is killing them.
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009

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A Human Hamster Wheel is any exercise device used by humans that simulates a strenuous activity. The human mounts the device and peddles, strides, rows or pumps their way to nowhere like a hamster on a wheel. The stair-master is the most obvious example of a human hamster wheel. Exercise bikes, rowing machines and abdominal rollers are also good examples. Humans all over the planet can be seen in 24 hour gyms, at ungodly hours of the night, sweating away on their human hamster wheels, as if in a trance.
"I just got a stair-master 3000. I'm gonna get pumped up!" "Oh, you got yourself a human hamster wheel."

"I left the club at 2:30 am and walked past a 24 hour gym. There were at least 20 people on human hamster wheels."
by iceman 69 January 10, 2010

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Eminem's clever variation of the word "satanic" as found in the song Bad Influence. "My basic disk will make you take a razor to your wrist. Make you satanistic. Make you take the pistol to your face..."
If you're Eminem and need to half hazardly incorporate a rhyme with "wrist", just make up a word like "satanistic".
by iceman 69 February 24, 2011

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Idiocism is the unrelenting and persistent mindset that every single person around you is a complete idiot, until they prove otherwise. As an Idiocist, assume that everyone is a moron until they give you evidence to the contrary. Idiocism is a form of personal social cynicism.
My Idiocism is reinforced with each new idiot that I encounter.

I assumed that you were an idiot. After speaking with you and realizing that you were indeed retarded, my vigilant Idiocism has once again proven me right.

Idiocism prevents me from giving these idiots the benefit of the doubt. They are all morons.
by iceman 69 November 28, 2010

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The Rock Boss is used to describe the biggest and toughest prisoner on the yard. In order to become the Rock Boss, a challenger must face the current Rock Boss in mortal combat. If the challenger defeats the Rock Boss, he then becomes the new Rock Boss.
"If you don't toss the Rock Boss's salad, he's gonna beat and torture you."

"That guy's the Rock Boss. The guard's don't even mess with him."
by iceman 69 January 06, 2010

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Unphasable is a condition where nothing can harm you. It is a mental state on omnipotence where an individual cannot be phased and is almost God-like. Someone that is Unphasable can perform any task known to man with ease.
Tony Montana was so pumped up with cocaine that he was pretty much Unphasable to heavy machine-gun fire.

Dr. Manhattan from the comic-film The Watchmen is clearly Unphasable.

Bill Gates's finances are Unphasable, even in the hardest economy.
by iceman 69 January 05, 2010

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