Tated... to back your car into a ditch while high
Guy 1: dudeeee I backed my car into a ditch while high
Guy 2: oh you mean you tated?
by Tate-oh-tot September 10, 2019
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Person 1: That guy is so fuckin awesome.
Person 2: Yeah I know. He's a tate.
by bob5487 October 2, 2007
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If you ever run into a Tate he will change your life. He’s smart and cute. Tate is a rare name. Tate gets all the girls and I mean all the girls. He’s even popular at school. He is very loyal. He will buy his girl flowers or candy because how much he loves her. He will always ask if you have time to hang out. He always gives the best hugs. So if you run into a Tate I would totally start talking to him and becoming friends with him.
Kyra: Hi my name is Kyra. Tate: Hi my name is Tate. Kyra: Well can I have your number so we can talk more. Tate: Yeah sure no problem.
by Malarie Joaquin November 2, 2019
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A male, usually very athletic. This person is usually tall, but can be short. A Tate also has amazing eyes, and hair. This person is very funny, and brightens up your day. The male, Tate, is also a very smart, and honest person! They are a cute and adorable person that everyone loves!
by HiImaLlama September 11, 2014
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tate s the sweetest guy u will ever meet he is cute, charming, and loving. he says sorry a lot but will never let u be sorry. he goes through hell but always says he is fine. Tate is the one
omg tate texted
yah i love him so much
by Liv0716 June 7, 2018
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the best most goodest and the most ballin mutherfucker you will ever meet in your insignificant life
Tate is so fucking hot
by ryan chess May 8, 2019
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To get a permanent tattoo on your butt for your own or on someone else's birthday without any parental consent needed.
- Uhm so for mha birthdayy i wnt yuh tew qet - mha name tated on yah butt //

- so for mha birthdayy i wnt yuh tew qet...... "who r yuh yuh dont even no meh" tated on yah but //
by tatetoo January 15, 2011
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