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A Cookup is what prisoners create out of various food items from the commissary list at their particular jail or prison. Also known as a jail-pizza, a Cookup usually consists of a mixture of squeeze cheese, pulverized doritos or any other spicy style chips, a pickle cut into tiny fragments, a sausage cut into tiny fragments and any other ingredients that would go well in the mixture like hot sauce. Everything is mixed into a paste and it laid over club-crackers, ritz crackers and even can be put between 2 slices of bread like a peanut butter sandwich. The paste can also be heated if the prisoners have access to a heat source. A Cookup is usually made by 2 or more prisoners, each adding their ingredients to the pot. A Cookup is a great way to waste time and serves as a special 4th meal, usually before lights out.
"I've got the chips and a pickle, Tyrone has a sausage and squeeze-cheese. You holding some crackers Vinnie? Aww hell yea son, Let's have a Cookup!"

"What are those 4 prisoners doing huddled around that table with all that food warden?" "They must be doing a Cookup."
by iceman 69 January 05, 2010
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Another word for crack or cocaine

Comes from how you have to "cook" the herbs and other goods to obtain the delicious product.

So you "cook it up".
"Yo, what's good?"

"Nuttin'. Making cookup."

"Oh word. You is a fucking human crack in the flesh."

"True nigga."
by RAGMAN January 13, 2006
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A jailhouse term used by inmates to define a shared-feast, in which each inmate involved contributes at least one food item (like chips, ramen noodles, etc), which is then mixed together and enjoyed by all the participating inmates.
What's up, you got that noodle for the cook up tonight?
by lonster85 December 18, 2010
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preparing a syringe with heroin or other injectible drug
Her baby died so I cooked her up a hit but only after I got mine; that went without saying.
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
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When an individual provides, recieves or participates in a sexual encounter which was initiated or motivated by the provision of a home-cooked meal.
I met this bitch at the supermarket and suggested that she come to my place for "netflix and chill,' but when she said "Come to my place and I'll cook you dinner," I knew it was gonna' be a random cookup.
by Route Recon January 19, 2017
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The absolute best; Some times spoken of in terms of crack cocaine.
Sam: Did you see that movie 300 kid?
Bam: Hell yeah that shit was the cook up!

" A yo Jimmy got that cook up, Im gonna cop some of that!"
by Tony Chase February 29, 2008
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