137 definition by hytham_hammer

fatigue, suspenders.. worn by the US Army .
the tech gadgets are called 'pluggers' by the way; like communication equip, GPS and so on.
The grunts de-planed each with a mountain of battle rattle on his or her back, ready to fuck Iraq back to the stone age. YabaDabaFuck yoooooooooo!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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one sexual abnormality in which you set fire to your house to get aroused sexually!
fire... I bring you to burn.
by hytham_hammer July 14, 2005

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a street basket-ball match.
let's play sum rubba now, homies!
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005

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A Dogma95 new cinema of hand-held, free-form filmography.
usually done with a digicam and distributed over the net, in what is called 'microcinema'.
guirella film, any one? It's cheap, no-bugdet-y and any dillweed can be the next Stanley Kubrick?
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics & Mechanics: toy-robots manufacturing criteria in Japan.
To call the Japs 'Aibo-heads' is totally unfair and makes no sense. They are the bestest and most-intelligent people in the world.
Japan: 1 America: zip!
by hytham_hammer July 11, 2005

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Any planet that's (hypothetically-speaking), not too hot, or too cold and can support CHZs: 'continously habitable zones' and have a large Drake number: the possibility of the existant number of intelligent galaxies in the universe put into an equation.
Mars is not a goldilocks world..not even by a large chalk.
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005

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As in the 'offs': what every hardcore footie fan in Britain does pre-match.
These are the fights that preceed the big games and get started by the leaders of hooligan gangs, or the 'generals' aka topboys: the elite fans that rule over hooligan crews or 'dressers'.
Even the beatiful game of football in Britain is now called 'fussball' by sportcasters. You go figure why..
To greet the Gunners' fans, Mancies (Man U fans)hoolitots stormed the streets before the match, and offs started everywhere.The bizzies stood helplessly watching the caos taking shape! .
by hytham_hammer July 07, 2005

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