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A new slavery ( huh, as if we needed a new one, anyways..), where goverment workers and company-mules are traced and their physical location is monitored 24/7/ the tecnogadgetry they give to these stupes.
There's even a virtual globe for this kind of task..and experts in the geoslavery field are talking of creating a 'digital geography'; to add injury to insult. Every one under this thing will be 'geo-parsed' (i dunno what the fuck this means..), and electronic privacy can find another planet to thrive happily on. Geoslaves everywhere..welcome to v-reality! .
co-worker:"this is demeaning and humiliating enough baby..i am quitting this company...i am not a number . i am not a geoslave!
sec:"what the ..?!"
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005
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