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Swimmers are great lovers. Their strong hip flexors and abdominal muscles give them stamina that helps maintain a very enjoyable rhythm in the bedroom.

So date a swimmer.
Swimmers are so hot!
by hot stuff July 19, 2004

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Camp seafarer is the best camp of all thats right uh huh o yeah! Well duh any seagull kid could have told you that.

Basically its where the preppiest kids in america go and it rocks. and OF COURSE camp 4 tribe brings on the camp four generation.

haha ya you know it. PREPS ON THE LOOSE when we jump and jive in 2005
Seagull camper: woa look at those hot preps from seafarer
Seafarer camper: woa look at those hot preppy seagull campers
by hot stuff March 04, 2005

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a really good pimp; a player who is good at "what he does"
all the girls roll with me, i am the mack daddy
by hot stuff June 30, 2004

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when you dont know what to say
uggh, uggh, "trogenoite"
by hot stuff June 25, 2004

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A mob hitman or bodyguard
Vinnie sent his two garboons to rough up Ralphie for not paying his debt on time
by Hot Stuff January 27, 2004

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snobby group of bitches that think they are the prettiest girls in school, obviously they are extremly confused. They usually travel in packs of seven, and have too great of a love for themselves
-OMG, did you know whitney, ashley, and bobbi are forming the core?
-Seriously, how gay is that!?!
by Hot Stuff March 02, 2005

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