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In Texas, they call black people the slang word "garboon"
Hey garboon, get your monkey ass over here!
by Chuck April 17, 2004
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South Texas slang for black males. Thought to be combination of "ne-GAR + "ba-BOON"
"Yo', guard, hey homes, gotta smoke?"
"For fucksakes, NO! You garboons ain't smart enough to play with fire"
by oz_420 March 20, 2006
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A garboon is a more specific racist term than words such as "nigger" or "coon". It refers to large black men (or women?) with particularly stereotypically "black" features, the likes of which would be found in a racist portrayal, e.g. enormous lips, wide and flat nose, extreme prognathism. Possible etymologies include the word "baboon" and "Gabon" (an African country) and the fact that the word sounds like some species of ape.
Did you see that garboon with the horizontal vagina of a mouth on his face?
by Reneg@de October 30, 2007
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An archaic term of the 17th,18th and 19th century for a large negro slave woman. It was not a slur but a discriptive noun used in the slave trades.
1. The first lady is quite a garboon is she not? 2. There was a stout garboon with two picaninnies at the auction today.
by boboobama February 02, 2009
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to covertly sniff a ladies bicycle seat
my tendancy to garboon was growing stronger by the day, I now have to be physically dragged past the local school bike shed.
by dai manse October 22, 2003
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An ashtray stand. Commonly found in public spaces or semi public spaces as a courtesy to patrons. The top of which is filled with a shallow layer of sand in a tray used to extinguish tobacco butts. Also found within the sand, gum, spit, boogers, matches and other small useless items found at the bottom of trouser pockets.
Father and son are waiting to get hair cut. Son is sitting next to a garboon and begins to play in the sand with his fingers. Father looks at son with disgust and retorts,

"Get your hands out-a-tha god-damn garboon!"
by Zee Man May 03, 2006
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a) garbage baboon b) a number of morally defunct black people found in South Florida c) black person of poor taste and manners d) black garbage man
What happened to your stereo system?" "Some jerk-off Garboon broke my car window and cold macked it.
by Joey LeToilette December 30, 2010
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