20 definitions by hobo

"fool" a nicer way of calling someone a freaken idiot
damn f00z! no dun put your finger there..
by hobo July 3, 2003
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yo baby boy mix me up some spoke
by hobo June 7, 2005
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Crazy weed. smoked by many towns people, comes mostly out of B.C.
"lady, u got any mad erb?"
by hobo January 4, 2005
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when referring to someone as really cool, but depends on how someone says it, either a deep voice for angry or a normal voice for happy.
james is so kun hoe!!!
that party was kun hoe!!!
by hobo April 1, 2003
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some thing that is 'savage' and a legend!
that is so savledge!
the oc last night was so savledge!
by hobo March 6, 2005
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They scronked like bunnies.
by hobo March 7, 2005
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