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A hun is a dirty smelly orange scumbag bastard that loves to hate and kill catholics for fun and supports the devils spawn and still celebrate that catholic killing horse shaggin poof king billy after all them years ago.
thats basically wat a hun is. there alot worse i just dont have the time to type all the bad things out id be here for years
by Henrik March 04, 2004
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fan of glasgow rangers fc ........the huns
ya dirty orange bastard ye, yer an animal
by henrik November 02, 2003
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Finnish word which means Friend
Moi Kaveri Means Hi friend
by Henrik March 15, 2005
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bottolf is a really tiny/small person
Oh! look! There is the dialup bottolf again!

Oh mom, look at that bottolf over there
by Henrik November 04, 2003
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Whatever you minger bring it on loser.
Tit head: j00 r teh arse!!!!!!!!111111
Hot chick: WUMBIOL
Tit head: Wtf?!!?!?!!111
by Henrik September 20, 2004
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Duke is a form for homosexuall hacking activity, and a physical need for oral gay sex.
I want to Duke- you zeazvakt! Please...
by Henrik November 03, 2003
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Duke is a person who like having oral gay sex.
I wanna duke you, otherwise i may hack you mofo!
by Henrik November 03, 2003
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