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See Gordo
Man Aucturus and HaZe are Trickstors
by HaZe December 04, 2003
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A filthy, disgusting flash whore. Lies rotting in his own filth for days on end, and does not bathe or eat. Has an extremely irregular sleeping pattern.
Where's Mike? I've not seen him for days... he must be doing a Hursty :|
by haze December 28, 2003
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Teh 1337est and finest of them all - his sexiness rules over everybody and he is king
1337 Uber Sexah Veteran Shifty!!!11!!
by Haze July 20, 2004
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A stupid little inhuman creature that featured on ratemypoo.com as the #1 log!!! It has known to have canalbalistic tendancies, eating shit and recycling his own waste.
... and klaymen stuck his hand in the toilet and ate his own....
by haze March 23, 2003
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Built on an outdated engine, this game was relatively good for a time. Then, millions of immature 12 year olds flocked to play it, ruining it for those who enjoyed the game. Oh, and it looks like shit too.

Might be good on the HL2 engine if they develop for it.
Remember Counter Strike?
Dude, wasn't that like 5 years ago now?
by haze January 03, 2004
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Billy Casper's opressive brother. Hines shows us the torment Billy is regularly put through by his use of kidney punches and colloquialisms, and the fact that Billy's hawk gets viciously murdered and then thrown in the bin.
Ee ba gum thar Jud, I can know me sen! Kes!
by haze December 29, 2003
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Wack ass movie with mad violence and uma thurman (the white chick) cops all these yakuzas down.
Yo, I swear if we get jumped by 20 ima kill bill.
by Haze October 29, 2003
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