23 definitions by haze

A hella ugly lookin dude with a huge dick vs a hella good lookin dude with a chode
i dont think u want an example
by haze July 29, 2004
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Marques D tried to be clever, but then spelled many words incorrectly. For this, I salute you.

"My nemz Marques and I am haf not got teh spelinz"
by haze December 30, 2003
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A device used to retain faeces in the anus. Comes in a variety of colours and brands, and can be used to stash faeces in readiness for a "Turd Twister".
Wear your ass hat with pride.
by haze January 17, 2004
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Man Aucturus and HaZe are Trickstors
by haze December 04, 2003
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PHP is a powerful web scripting language, famous for its ease of use and ability to interact seamlessly with SQL type databases. PHP takes a lot of its syntax from Perl and C++, and it is in this way that programmers familiar with these languages can pick up PHP rather easily.

Advantages: Can be much easier to read than Perl, arguably easier to learn

Disadvantages: Might teach sloppy programming habits (not having to define variables etc) and can be less compact than Perl.

if("PHP" > "Perl") {

//returns true :p


by haze December 30, 2003
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