this word originated from the streets of the bay area it means to get pumped up excited

Man i'm so fuckin juiced dat we finna go to dat party....son.
by seannonnon February 7, 2008
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"Juice" in reference to alcohol and liquor. Getting juiced is thus getting drunk/hammered where one has reached his limit or threshold before getting sick.
"Want another shot?"
"No man, I'm already juiced!"
by From Richmond, BC October 6, 2009
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(1) commonly known to most people as using steroids


(2) apparently being drunk for the odd kids on cape cod.
Juiced is better described as drunk, wasted, tanked, shitfaced, inebriated, under the influence, plastered, wasted, gone, or intoxicated.
by samboraman July 5, 2006
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to be excited, happy/ready for something
"I am so juiced for that party tomorrow!"
by Mark Vaughn February 29, 2004
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1.) wetting, with your saliva, the area of pape of a joint/cigarette that comes in contact with your lips
2.) to get drunk/hammered
3.) to ejaculate with the reproductive organ, can be either sex
1.) "screw that shit man, I ain't smoking that blunt no more. you freakin juiced that thing, that's disgusting."
2.) "oh man, I got so juiced last night, couldn't remember anything when I woke up."
3.) "I pounded that chick last night and then juiced all over her face."
"I ate out your mom so good last night, and she juiced all over my mouth."
by nitroblu February 14, 2005
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