22 definitions by hanes

The dirty bastard who's last few minutes are upon him. That bastard faces an undescribable punishment. Actually its commonly described as scourging. Either stick in the limb, squid shock man or hang head from thick flammable brown lines.
Joseph: Detention is the worst!
Aaron: Frankly, Either stick in the limb, squid shock man or hang head from thick flammable brown lines, are the worst.

Can also be used when analyzing fingerprints through a low zoom magnifier. Only in Asia though.
by hanes November 12, 2004
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Male tool. Used to masturbate with and to relieve of urinal waste. The "Ejaculatte" is a commonly performed 'move' or 'combo' done with the penis.

Very popular word on urban dicitionary looked up by people either because they are perverted or have ran out of perverted words to look at or just starting to look at perverted words.
A)He has 2 penises.
B/C/D)I am gay, so I am going to look up "penis".

I gone through vagina, orgy, dick, dingaling, Puh-uss, puss, penz0r, paste, cum and now I have finally reached the "penis" milestone.

The first thing I looked up at UD was Penis.
by hanes May 20, 2005
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Just about the slickest dude in the local galaxies. Usually hangs around Anemio-theta near Proxima Centari, and carries around an antigravity neutron pistol.
Ow! Aquaticus just stole my God damn biopizza! Someone rip his dick off!

*All chant and agree*

*Aquaticus dissapears and leaves a note reading as: "Suck my big, large, hairy, twin-tipped cock, suckers."
by hanes May 05, 2005
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According to Moecco, this is the year after the end of the world, meaning.
1) Another universe forms. (Ones that the current generation of humans and other lifeforms outside of earth will NOT take part of =( )
2)A Big mess of nothing-ness stretching for an infinite amount of length/width/depth will appear. (Until/If another universe appears.)
3)God throws his 44th armaggeddon aniversary with all whom dwell with him. (While the suckers in hell must polish satan's nails all day and wipe his red ass.)
Pete:Well it's December 30th, 2016, what do you want to do?
Mak: I don't know. Let's go over to the mountianside and watch the dragons enflame new york city.
Pete: Ok.
by hanes March 12, 2005
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A convience store that usually 4 departments per block. 7-11s located in ghetto places will usually have a robbery every night and 30+ hookers roaming around the 7-11s premices, all engaging in a merciless cat-fight. More urban places like chicago will have a semi-fancy 7-11 with peace and harmony.
"Every where I look, I see them damn 7-11s." - Richard nixon
by hanes June 24, 2005
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A happy face character standing sideways waving. Used sometimes in online chat a signal of retardation or random blabbering.
person1:hi :O
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person3:Fuck you.
person2: :(|-<
by hanes June 29, 2005
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An interjection that you say when everything around you is going all hectic and crazy.
*Period 5 bell rings*
*You drop your books*
*You trip*
*You rupture your nuts*
Yourself: BAH!
*A neo-nazi beats you up*
Yourself: BAH!!
*Another bully punches your mangled face*
*You get shot randomly*
Your soul: BAH!!1111114o32nr3!
by hanes May 21, 2005
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