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Rugrats is a children's show that started off in 1991. At first it had very good humor, but now its just a bunch of toddlers on crack, so obnoxious they think that the world is theirs.
Tommy: Alright. Lets go suck my dads balls.
rest of rugrats: Yaaay!!11
by hanes June 29, 2005

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A seriously stable operating system. The only reason it would crash, is if you dont know how to properly install new hardware, you built a computer yourself, but you mixed incompatible parts, or you have shitloads viruses and spyware, or because you were a jackass and messed with a program in a way it shouldnt be messed with.
Thankfully, you can turn off error reporting.
The average user: I have windows XP. Yes. Good.

Mac user: cool.

Linux user: Yeah..i'm hungry.

Linux fanboy: Wtf!! y would use dat piece of sh1t! j00 are a st00p1d N00b. It crfrashedc in like...2 minutes.
by hanes June 24, 2005

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An insult that is used when someone is being really stupid and moronic.
You fucking moron! Fuck you! Fuck your family! Fuck your fucking fucked friends, fucking asshole, dipshit moron, dumbass dickwad fucker! FUCK YOU ALL!
by hanes May 21, 2005

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1) A dark figure, believed to be red and with wings and horns, was said to be a minion of Satan, and had the job to wreak havoc in ordinary people's lives. Pictured alot in mythology and in children's books.

2)A biolabs chemical composer. Usually has more than 3 irregular limbs and a tentacle/exposed brain. seen alot in North Carolinas' Technology park.
1) "I used to think demon posession was just a load of flameing crap, but after my neighbor's young daughter cut a "666" shape in my sons abdomen, slurped out his large colon then ate his crap for dessert, I believed she was indeed posessed. (Then I got my hick pal to shoot her in the pussy...twice.)"

Sam: That guy has a fucking tentacle for a dick! And he's just letting it flap out in the wind like its no big deal.
maS: Meh, must be a Demon.
by hanes May 06, 2005

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Doom 4 is a follow up to the hit game Doom 3. It will be even darker than doom 3.
guy playing doom 4: Hmm. There must be something wrong with my video card because I cant see anything.
by hanes June 30, 2005

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A happy face character standing sideways waving. Used sometimes in online chat a signal of retardation or random blabbering.
person1:hi :O
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person2: :D\-<
person3:Fuck you.
person2: :(|-<
by hanes June 29, 2005

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A big poopoo that comes out from the anus. It falls out like a meteor out from the anus, and tidal waves into the sea of stinkyness.
"Look at the doodoo. Its brown."
"James:Ahhh! Anaconda!"
"jack:No thats my doodoo."
"He be gone doodoo in his pants"
"Doodoo on the floor"
by hanes July 11, 2004

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