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"Arabian" is the adjective that relates to the Arabian Peninsula. "Arabians" are not an ethnic group; "Arabian" is not a synonym for "Arab".
If "Arabians" were used as a noun referring to people, it would refer to people from the Arabian Peninsula (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.
The three traditional components of the Arab World are the Maghreb (North Africa), the Mashriq (the Levant) and the Arabian Peninsula.
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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A Canadian citizen or resident of South Asian/Desi ethnicity/descent. The biggest sub-groups of Indo-Canadians are Punjabi-Canadians, Tamil-Canadians and Gujurati-Canadians.
Indo-Canadians represent just over 3% of the population of Canada. Their biggest communities can be found in British Columbia and Ontario.
According to the Canadian census, 34% of Indo-Canadians are Sikhs, 27% are Hindus, 18% are Muslims and 17% are Christians.
Indo-Canadians don't just include people with ancestors from the Republic of India; but also those with ancestors from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and more!
by HallOfMirrors June 07, 2009

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American rapper, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio but based in Oakland, California. A founding member of anticon, he raps for several projects including Themselves, cLOUDDEAD, Subtle, 13 & God and Deep Puddle Dynamics. Although he has an indisputably sick flow, his unusually high, nasal voice is an aquired taste. Furthermore, although his lyrics are highly intellectual and literate, they are not easy to comprehend.
Doseone is one of the illest emcees around! His shit's so dope! Better than Yoni Wolf's by far!
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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The latest trend among hipsters and indie kids in the UK. Hipster skinheads are young (usually middle class) people who take influence from '70s and '80s British skinhead fashion. They typically wear polo shirts or plaid/checked shirts buttoned up to the top, along with skinny jeans, Dr. Martens or Converse high tops and perhaps a military jacket. An important accesory is a pair of braces (known in the US as suspenders) to hold the jeans up. Hipster skinheads often have the back and sides of their head shaved, leaving the top long, although some have their head completely shaved.

Apart from dress sense, there are few other common features between hipster skinheads. Many listen to hardcore punk: both from the newer wave of bands that have recently received some popularity with the indie press (such as Gallows, Fucked Up and Rolo Tomassi); and also classic old-skool bands (such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Agnostic Front). Another common feature is that many hipster skinheads love the film This Is England, which is very influential upon their fashion. Like other hipsters, they tend to be fairly skinny, although unlike other hipsters some sport fairly macho tattoos.

Interestingly, there has been a revival of skinhead fashion among non-hipsters in the UK as well, particularly chavs but also some punks. The general resurgence of skinhead fashion in the UK is reflected by the appearance of the character Cook in the popular British TV series Skins. However, Cook is not really a hipster skinhead.

It is important to note that hipster skinheads are not, as a rule, racist. In fact, like other hipsters, they tend to lean politically to the left, despite the fact that skinheads tend to be associated traditionally with right-wing politics.
Asian guy: "Oh shit, look at those skinheads coming our way! We're in for some trouble!"
Other guy: "Nah, don't worry man, they're just skinny hipster skinheads."
by HallOfMirrors April 20, 2009

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1. Pills primarily containing MDMA; known more commonly as Es or ecstasy pills.

2. A New York rapper-producer who makes unusual underground hip-hop with IDM-influenced electronic beats.

3. Large plant seeds commonly eaten by humans. The most famous example being baked beans.
1. I can get you some beans, but it'll be £5 per pill.

2. Beans has worked with such diverse acts as DJ Shadow, Prefuse 73, Holy Fuck, Ratatat and Alec Empire.

3. Oh shit I've got the munchies, let's make some beans on toast ASAP!
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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1. An ethnic group who form the ethnic majority in the modern-day Islamic Republic of Iran (they make up about 51% of the country's population). They are also found in significant numbers in the UK, India and Gulf States, such as the United Arab Emirates.

2. A language traditionally spoken as a first language by Persians (see definition 1) as well as by Tajiks and the Hazara people of Afghanistan. Also known as Farsi, Parsi and Dari.

3. Before 1935, Iran was known as "Persia". When there was a country called Persia, its adjective was "Persian" and its citizens (regardless of ethnicity) were known as "Persians". Some people still falsely use the word in this way, in relation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

4. A domestic breed of cat, notable for its long fur.

5. World-renowned rugs and carpets, exported from Iran to the rest of the world.
The Persian Empire, under various guises, existed from 728BCE until 1187CE. For much of its existence, it dominated Central Asia and was hugely influential upon the Islamic World.
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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A term used to denote people of East Asian ethnic origin. Such people are characterized by their distinctive facial shape, including epicanthal folds (which cause eyes to appear narrower).
Other terms that refer to this ethnic group include Mongoloid and Oriental, although both these terms are controversial, with many deeming them racist. The most common racial slur applied to East Asians is "chink" or "chinky".
Regions in which the majority of the population are ethnically East Asian include China, Japan, the Koreas, Central Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, Taiwan, Hawai'i and Southeast Asia (although some claim that Southeast Asians are ethnically distinct from East Asians, common usage does not reflect this).
The term "East Asian" is widely used in the UK in contrast with "South Asians". In the USA East Asians are usually referred to simply as "Asians", while in Canada they are often referred to as "Orientals".
"It's so annoying how everyone assumes all East Asians know how to use chopsticks!"
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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