A Canadian citizen or resident of South Asian/Desi ethnicity/descent. The biggest sub-groups of Indo-Canadians are Punjabi-Canadians, Tamil-Canadians and Gujurati-Canadians.
Indo-Canadians represent just over 3% of the population of Canada. Their biggest communities can be found in British Columbia and Ontario.
According to the Canadian census, 34% of Indo-Canadians are Sikhs, 27% are Hindus, 18% are Muslims and 17% are Christians.
Indo-Canadians don't just include people with ancestors from the Republic of India; but also those with ancestors from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and more!
by HallOfMirrors June 7, 2009
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An incorrect term used by ignorant or divisive people to describe a Canadian citizen with Indian ethnicity. Sometimes used to subtly imply race. Sometimes used by fresh off the boat Canadians, who still have more loyalty to India, to show they think Canada is a joke. The correct terminology would be to describe citizenship as Canadian and ethnicity as Indian, separately.
Example 1:
News Reporter: "An Indo-Canadian man was charged today with stealing a box of Samosas..."

Ethnically Indian, Canadian News Viewer (to friend): "Why did they mention the "Indo", why not just say brown, or you know, not mention any racial indicators."

Example 2:
Dumb White Liberal Lunatic: "We need to celebrate multiculturalism. Look at Raj, he is an Indo-Canadian man and we are going to celebrate his unique culture."

Raj: "Actually, I am Canadian and have the exact same culture as most Canadians. Indo-Canada is not a real country. I am a Canadian citizen and my ethnicity is Punjabi, because when my great grandparents immigrated to Canada, after fighting for the British empire, India wasn't even a country yet. I have never been to India and have nothing to do with it. I don't even believe in multiculturalism. If you're trying to identify me as a minority, my race is Caucasoid Indo-Aryan and my pigmentation is brown. Saying Indo-Canadian makes as much sense as mixing my age and gender, I am not twent - many, I am twenty and a man."

Example 3:
Fresh Off the Boat Dipper (in Hindi): "India is motherland, number 1. You must never forget where you come from. I remember the cows and the fields... beautiful. You are Indian first."

Ethnically Indian, Canadian: India has done nothing for me, and I have never been a part of Indian society. If you love India so much why don't you stay there. Damn FOBS!!!"
by Canada Expert March 17, 2016
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Indo Canadian are South Asian(India) youths in Canada. Alot but not all are into crime in area's like Calgary, Abbotsford, SURREY(ma hood), Vancouver, Toronto, Brampton etc. There gangs are considered some of the most violent in Canada. But there are still alot of Indo Canadians kids doing stuff not so bad, like doctors etc.
...Indo Canadians........... ....... ........... ........ ....
by _JMK_ June 14, 2007
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