The favorite country of Sporcle. Frequently listed as a bonus answer on geography-related quizzes.
Sporcler: What? Only 46.5% guessed Kyrgyzstan?
by Sporcle January 20, 2012
A beautiful small country right in the middle of Asia. About 80 % of the land is mountainous, and little earthquakes happen very often.There is a very interesting alpine lake(Issyk Kul) that does not freeze even in winter.
Kyrgyzstan was part of the Soviet Union until 1991, and a lot of people(especially in the capital-Bishkek) speak russian. There is also a pretty large russian population. Kyrgyz people are a mix of mongolians and europeans, therefore not all of them look completely asian. Some have black, light or dark brown hair, brown, green, or (very rarely) blue eyes.

Russian influence played a significant role in kyrgyz culture and lifestyle, and even now most of the tv shows, magazines, and media shown in Kyrgyzstan is russian.
Kyrgyzstan is a tiny and not well-known, but gorgeous country!!!
person: Your last name sounds russian... Are you russian?
Me: No, I'm from Kyrgyzstan
person: Is it in Russia?
Me:No, it's in Asia, but I speak russian
-So you're russian
-No, a lot of people in Kyrgyzstan speak russian, but they're kyrgyz
-Because Kyrgyzstan used to be a part of Soviet Union, or Russia, but it's not anymore.
-oh...(*very confused now) anyways, cool name
by kewloreo February 2, 2013
The best little country in the world.
Dr. M- And what is the best little country in the world?
Class- sigh Kyrgyzstan.
by Taytay Popo November 4, 2011
The one country that you always forget how to spell.
Spell Kyrgyzstan.
by pholohololim October 2, 2015
1)The biggest "MANAS" epic belongs to kirgiz people living in
2)is the place where famous writer Chingiz Aytmatov was born and living.
3)It had been seen that Kyrgyzstan is Switzerland of Central Asia until march of 2005.But this is not valid anymore, at least I think so.
The capital city of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek.
The Kyrgyzstan population is around 5.5 million people.
area: same as Great Britan has.
by Andi. October 31, 2005