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An island beach-paradise off Madagascar, where the illiteracy and innumeracy of its million-odd population is pretty low—it is the "Singapore of Africa" that has thrived and survived due to its DIY culture and never-say-die mentality.
CNN recently reported that the zero-natural-resources Mauritius—the home to the lost continent Mauritia and the once paradise of the dodo—has the most mobile users with internet banking in resources-rich Africa.
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by MathPlus March 14, 2017
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location: few hundred km east of madagascar
size: tinniest little thing on the planet! but the biggest heart <3
language: french, english, creole
population: i don't know, why would you need to know.
residents: mauritians? dahh. the most bangable black people with swag you'll ever meet!
reputation: be jellin if you aint livin there! best beaches; white sand, blue water, and amazing reefs for scuba divin in. tropical island paradise, great for a honeymoon *hint, hint* worth a vist and it's safe! :D nice and warm, perfect for a sexy tan... simply beautiful
flag: 4 equal horizontal stripes of (top to bottom) red blue yellow green
OMFG!! That girls is like hotter than i've ever bloody seen one!!" "mate, that's obviously because she's mauritian" "damn, mauritius is blessed"
by handed July 16, 2011
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total pimp island in da indian ocean but it PART OF AFRIKA! Gangsta, westside, sik. east, bare hindus. north, bre bleks. best biryani in da world. bst beaches in da world. bst peepz in da world. bst musik in da world. best of all; its one of da few places in afrika u can go 2 wiv out catchin' sum fukin disease!
lets go mauritius! i herd its sum bre pimp country!
by 0786dsf April 27, 2006
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Mauritius is a small island in the Indian with about 1.3 Millions people living there. One of the favourite touristic destination. Don't wonder why!! It's got amazing beaches with amazing birds on them. If you are a beer drinker, then You must have the PHOENIX !!
by Nemo November 09, 2003
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