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A highly pretentious and not very widely-used term applied to unconventional hip-hop music (most notably artists associated with anticon, but also such artists as Flying Lotus, Busdriver and Prefuse 73).
Synonyms include experimental hip-hop, avant-garde hip-hop and avant-hop.
Some conservative hip-hop fans claim that such music is not truly hip-hop.
A: "James has got such pretentious music taste!"
B: "I thought he liked rap?"
A: "Nah, he's a total hipster-hopper, he just listens to his lame-ass 'abstract hip-hop' bullshit!"
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009

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1. <adjective> Relating to the Punjab - a region covering part of Pakistan and part of India.

2. <noun> A South Asian ethnic group found predominantly in the Punjab. 90 million Punjabis live in Pakistan, 30 million in India, 2 million in the UK and just under 1 million in Canada. Most Punjabis are Muslims, although many are Sikhs and smaller numbers belong to other religions.

3. <noun> A language spoken by most Punjabis and also by many non-Punjabis living in India or Pakistan.

4. <noun> A term sometimes used as a racial slur to refer to people of South Asian origin. Also sometimes applied (perhaps mistakenly) to those not of South Asian origin, such as Arabs, Turks, Persians and Berbers.
1. "The Punjabi landscape is beautifully mountainous."

2. "My mother's a Punjabi and my father's a Pashtun."

3. "I don't speak Punjabi very well."

4. "Go back home, you stupid fat Punjabi!"
by HallOfMirrors June 23, 2009

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