A pretty chill dude who likes to play video games and work out. Doesn't care about astrology. Literally loves everyone (for the most part lol).
Boy: "hey do you wanna meet up with Levant? "

Girl: "Yeah, I'd be down to smoke with him!"
by petaboi March 29, 2020
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big gay sid the sloth kid that likes men, fruity fruity and smells weird.
Aw, he's so stupidly Levant.
by 10203034220 December 10, 2018
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A song that you should stream because we're all trash let's admit it.
- You haven't watched Levanter?
- Yes.
-What the hell are you doing with your life then?
by in_is_a_chicken December 9, 2019
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East side of Israel. The word means rising.
That child is a true levant star.
by TellTaleHeart July 12, 2015
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A different spelling for Levonte. Usually a shit talked on Xbox.
Did you hear what Levante said to Josh on Xbox last night?
by Unswagge July 13, 2017
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1 A condition where a persons face turns in to donkey balls
2 Ezra Levant is a neo-fascist douche bag who hates gays, Muslims, liberals, environmentalists, Aboriginals and multiculturalism
3 He hates gays but is known to have his fudge packed while undercover in Calgary's gay clubs
4 He taught Larry Craig how to a suck dick in public washrooms
Jimmy (at the Zoo): Mommy what is that horse doing on top of that donkey
Mommy: Donkey likes to be treated like Ezra Levant
Source: Zob79, Toronto
by Zob79 March 30, 2008
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"Le monde appartient a ceux qui se levant tot." means "The early bird gets the worm." in French.
I always think "Le monde appartient a ceux qui se levant tot." when I awaken with some guy's dick in my mouth!
by eda-skip November 2, 2021
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