2 definitions by half a pants

1. The irritation/rage of one who's recently discovered that they possess pubic lice.
Ted looked over to Jeremy, giving him the "Oh yeah" face.

"Hey, Jeremy. I heard that you and Lenisa fogged th-"

"!#%@ OFF, TED! !%$@ YOU!"

"Oh, don't get so crabbid on me, man."
by half a pants November 10, 2008
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A facial expression in which the lips are pursed and raised in a dominant fixture, while either side of the lips may curl. The eyes thin and the eyebrows move up and down - speed dependent on situation. The head nods, but very slowly. The lips are only to smile when the face is made in situation 2.

The "Oh Yeah Face" is given to either sex in one of two situations:

1. The face given to a sexy woman to silently exhibit a man's sexual acceptance.

2. The face that Man One gives Man Two, about to bring up the topic of the Man Two's sexual partner.
1. She eyed him up, staring at his sleek, waxed, muscular chest. She placed her hands on his trunk and cooed. He looked down on her and gave her the Oh Yeah Face. She immediately tore off his pants and began to pleasure him.

2. I gave Jeremy the Oh Yeah Face, and proceeded to bring up his sexual partner.

"Man, Jeremy. I wanna take your girlfriend and scrub her up and down with my tongue."

by half a pants November 10, 2008
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