the act of beating someone with a purse.
She pursed his ass!
by chickeypoo April 2, 2011
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when that girl u know is crazy goes with you to the bar, and she ends up totally beating someone at the bar using her big bulky purse as a weapon. your bound to get kicked out the bar if you are with the attacker.

Hard-core pursers only buy purses with big buckles or other kind of extra weight such as rhinestones, extra zippers ect..

some girls put things directly in there purse, if they think they may need to purse somebody that night!
these girls were jumping my friend outside my house so i just grabbed my handbag and pursed all of them
by illpurseyou April 7, 2011
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Training the vagina to store personal items, such as keys and ipods, on a 24/7 basis.
I saw a girl who purses at the store pull her keys out of her vagina.

by Unsanesarah May 27, 2009
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Using one's vagina as a purse, to carry personal items such as a mobile phone.
by lol_xd October 8, 2008
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I finaly got some purse from that girl last nite.
by uno-siete December 15, 2007
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Storing things inside the vagina. Sometimes refers to the practice of daily storage of everyday objects commonly found in a purse, such as keys and make-up. The vagina used instead of a purse.
I saw her pursing her phone in her vagina.

Did you notice Ted's neice purses? She pulled her phone out of her vagina and answered it at the dinner table.

by AnyoneAnytime June 19, 2009
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