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Public reprimand or criticism by a supervisor or superior. Fogging is unique in that the reprimand is done outside the supervisor's area of expertise. Fogging usually occurs during a presentation by the foggee.
Brad: "Fred, how did your meeting go with the Boss?"
Fred: "Horrible. I got fogged by him during my presentation. Now I have to come in Saturday to write TPS reports"
by Addicted to crack April 02, 2008
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fogged, another word for 'highly medicated', in the sense of OTC medication and illegal drug induced
I saw Sue today, she was all fogged up!
by Leigh January 17, 2005
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verb-fogged, get fogged, got fogged

The act of getting disoriented, distracted, hurt, "fucked up", or "owned" by the "swamp fog" on the final ramp of the "Tornado Run" event on Nickelodeon Guts. It is now used as another term for getting messed up or shown up by another person or object, usually in place of the phrase "fucked up".
Jay "the warrior" Wright had an awesome time on that run, but did you see that little girl? She went into the fog then faceplanted! She got fogged up! or Shiiit, Mike just about got fogged up by that sword whorin' bitch!
by Nightbinger July 25, 2008
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Getting hit by funky bad breath while talking to another person
Person 1: Hey, what ya doing?

Person 2: Not much (invisible cloud of nasty breath hitting person 1 while person 2 talking--person 1 steps backwards two steps while covering nose ever so descretely)

Person 1 : (thinks to self " I just got fogged!")
by waitinpatiently July 04, 2010
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To get high on illicit drugs to the point one's perception is hazy and unclear.

Yo, this nigga got so fogged on PCP that he opened his pocket knife and started cutting a filet of flesh from his own thigh.
by swybs December 31, 2007
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When a person smokes marijuana but has only received a "buzz" from it rather than a full on high.
"I'm fogged, can I have another hit?"
by MothaFerJones April 28, 2015
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