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to dance extremely close to someone; to grind, gyrate.
i was freaking(freak dancing) with this weirdo last night
by hahahaha January 11, 2004

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an oxymoron, as long as the US continues to control the government in Iraq
the US government wanted to call it "operation iraqi liberation," but that stands for OIL
by hahahaha January 04, 2004

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adj: description of male genitalia that is not used on a daily basis, or the inability to obtain erection when aroused.
In years, Rob had only had one intimate encounter. Though she was no toothless-wonder, rob had a rusty trombone.
by hahahaha June 18, 2003

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to take away one's virginity
Dana will devirginate us all.
by hahahaha April 19, 2005

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Ok sum people don't like it fair enough.........
But its cheap.....Its edible.......And most days its quite gd.......
by hahahaha October 18, 2003

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state of mind in which one thinks he or she is better than members of another race because they are a different race
This country was not founded on equality of men, it was founded by racist slave owners who worked hard and fought for everything they had.

If the group of blacks scores lowest on the standardized tests, it is not racist to say that they are stupid.
by hahahaha March 08, 2005

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a person who has to have or do things better than the person they come in contact with.
stacy just bought a newer cell phone than us, she is totally a one upper.
by hahahaha September 06, 2003

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