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Cute, Pretty and Beautiful girl who always is there for you no matter what. Loves hugs and LOVES to sing. Aziza is a nice girl to be friends with.♥️
by Pennywise is here. October 10, 2019
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A kind and caring girl both precious and sweet. She is very beautiful, with warm brown eyes and a petite frame. A girl with this name will always be in need to help others.
"That aziza is such a kind girl"
"Look at aziza helping that old lady!"
"Aziza is so pretty today"
by Rainbow dash's hoe December 9, 2018
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An amazing girl who is always there for you and she will never leave you in the dirt. If you get the chance to be one of her friends you are very lucky. She also gives you the best hugs and makes you happy when you are sad.
Aziza ran up to give you a hug after you cried.
by The best person ever my dude November 5, 2018
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Aziza is a very pretty and nice girl. The name aziza comes from a Egyptian name meaning precious. She is usually very friendly and loves the color blue.
1-Hey look it's aziza
2-oh yea lets go say hi
by Zizi123 February 4, 2017
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Only the pride and jealousy of ACU Srathfield!
Everyone wants to be this lusciously beautiful young woman!
X's and O's!
Girl #1: "Omg, it's Aziza, DAYAM I wish I looked like that!
Girl #2: "I know right, how do you think she does her hair?"
by Rhys Fenton January 13, 2009
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Kind,Caring and a Selfless girl who shows her love for one another. She makes ridiculously hilarious jokes and her Eyelashes are definitely the lengest feature.She's beautiful and doesn't hesitate to help one another.
Me:Hey Aziza!
by henlo . March 18, 2020
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A beautiful girl from Baku Azerbaijan with healthy long dark hair. She is friendly and sweet.

Her skin is very clear.
Say hello to Aziza!
by Prettybraniac August 3, 2018
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