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Black Dad: "I'm just gonna go get some chips from the store"
Kid: "Ok daddy!"
Dad: *Never comes back*
by BYRONETYRONE January 26, 2016
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A mystical creature, that no one has seen. It probably doesn’t exist. Saying a black dad exists, is like saying unicorns and leprechauns are real. It’s crazy!
Jamal: “ay man you eva see a black dad?”

Jovante: “naw man. I’ll see unicorns before I catch one of those things.”
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR September 14, 2018
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Still at the store buying milk
Steven:Hey Jerome where’s your black dads

Jerome: He’s still at the store

Steven : You said that five years ago
by Damam0330yudothis August 14, 2019
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