Used to describe people in your life who are holding you back.
Marcus never lets you go out and party with the girls, he's always telling you to stay in. He's a clot.
by Tod is gay September 23, 2017
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The way that you are and the things that you do - those are the ways of a clot
Oh Douglas... You clot!
by AhoyBritannia December 22, 2012
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Originally an insult of Jamaican descent but became a suffix randomly tacked onto people/places by suburban white kids to seem more black.
Suburban White Kid:: Yo, lets fully reach Pizzaclot

Normal Person: You're not black

Suburban White Kid: Oh. *hangs head in shame*
by P-town gangsta March 30, 2005
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A word sometimes used to paraphrase places with longer names. Often utilized in order to sound more "gangster."
1. Let's reach Pizzaclot. (Pizzaville, Pizza Pizza)
2. You wanna jet to PClot? (Price Chopper)
by Oddy March 29, 2005
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Did you see Leslie in that suit last night?

Yeah she's such a clot.
by clotthotthoughts September 27, 2018
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a word used to describe people in your life who are holding you back
mom is such a clot for making me clean my room
by nebing-awesome September 16, 2017
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The Crowborough Lot

a crew that rolls in from crowborough in the south east UK

it can also mean an idiot or something the blood does to stop bleeding.
oi look bruv, its the clot
by awwwwwwwwwwm8 March 19, 2008
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