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Expression meaning "Great observation." Used to commend someone after they notice a particularly subtle yet important thing or detail.

(Eye is used as a noun, but refers to the observation, not the organ.)
Walter: Wow, I never would've realized that these were birth control pills - good eye, Mom!

by Greg B. April 03, 2008
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A homosexual: someone sexually attracted to another person of the same gender.
Are you and Dad homosexicles? - Shelby Adamowsky, "I Now Pronouce you Chuck and Larry"
by Greg B. June 14, 2007
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While guacamole is more solid with avocado, tomatoes, onions, chiles, spices, etc., Guacamolito is more salsa-like, more liquid in nature and used like a sauce atop of items.
"And it get's even awesomer when we take a deep-fried gordita shell, smear on a layer of our special guacamolito sauce, and wrap that around the outside!" Narrator, "Taco Town" commercial
by Greg B. February 07, 2008
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a headache that will most likely require the OTC drug of the same name
"All that talkin' is gon' give me a tylenol.." - Kanye West "Celebration"
by Greg B. October 18, 2005
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Mediocre, sub-par, or just straight up whack. This term can be attributed to anything whose lack of quality or authenticity is comparable to that of items one might find in a gift shop.
"Juelz Santana's whack ass flow is gift shop, not hip-hop."
by Greg B. January 01, 2006
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Having more than one baby daddy.
Unfortunately, the predominantly single polybabydadic mothers who we see, themselves the third or fourth generation of teenage single mothers, haven’t a clue about good parenting. - Panda Bear, MD
by Greg B. August 03, 2007
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Acronym for the indie rock band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
CYHSY is an American indie rock group founded in New London, Connecticut and based in Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA.
by Greg B. January 17, 2008
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