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An amazing car no matter what model you buy. A car you buy because you can't afford a benz? I'd take a BMW even if I could afford 20 benz's. Just about any ///M series BMW will rape stuff twice its price in every category not to mention trounce american shit.
M3... best handling car in the world. - Car and Driver.
by Grant April 05, 2004

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the act of needing something badly. Usually related to chemical dependency.
I've been jonesing for a joint all day.
by Grant November 08, 2002

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A clip is a strip of metal that holds rounds of ammunition for insertion into a magazine.
A clip goes into a magazine, but a magazine does not go into a clip.
by Grant February 13, 2004

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A container used for holding rounds of ammunition. It can be both fixed or detachable. They can be loaded manually, or by using a speed-loader or a stripper clip.
The M16A2 typically uses a 30 detachable-box magazine.
When your automatic pistol runs out of ammunition, drop the magazine.
by Grant February 14, 2004

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adj.-insane, crazy, eccentric
Calvin and Hobbes-Attack of the DERANGED Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
by Grant March 19, 2005

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A township in Pennsylvania bordering Philadelphia. Located in Delaware County ("Delco"). It is sometimes called "the gateway of Delco" because it has two main roads in and out of the city (West Chester Pike/Market street and Marshall Road)and because the 69th street terminal provides transportation to and from the city and Montgomery County. It is home of the Tower theater, Sellers library (old "Hoodland estate), and friendly people. The Township has five fire companies and a hard working police department as well as a hospital (Delaware County Memorial). Main roads include the West Chester Pike, Lansdowne ave, 69th street, State road, Township Line (US route 1),Burmont ave, Garrett road, and long lane. The township formally separated from Darby in 1786.
I am proud to live in the fine township of Upper Darby!!!
by Grant June 12, 2004

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The giant half chicken half squirrel steals either teeth or money from children as they sleep in order to build some kind of giant nest for its' genetically superior and potentially dangerous offspring.
It is also known that this creature would also have atleast a mild understanding of algebra.
The half chicken half squirrel would most likely be about three to four and a half feet tall.
His large beak is probably detachable and works as a floatation device.
by grant February 29, 2004

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