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Topher is a tall, handsome, funny male who can be addicting and sometimes hard to look away from. A topher is never a female and has an Italian sausage if you know what I mean. Topher spread his disease, also known as topherculitis, which is missing the topher and always thinking of him. You will sometimes suffer from topher withdraws.
"Did you see Topher today?"
"yes! And he gave me some topherculitis"
by Short shit August 22, 2012
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A cheese-ball who everyone is just forced to love because of his adorableness and innocence. Also the world’s holder of the most nicknames and best name. A Topher, not to be mistaken with a gopher, is your typical boy next door times one thousand. He is adorable, yet attractive and vulnerable, yet manly. He can be a bit ignorant but it only makes him more of a Topher. He has a one true love who makes him even more of a sweet guy.
friend 1: Hey did you meet that new cheese-ball next door?

friend 2: Yeah he’s a Topher and my new best friend.
by wanderlust-roxie August 20, 2012
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The sweetest, sexiest, most perfect guy on this planet who will make you laugh harder than you knew you could. Time spent with Topher is never wasted and never forgotten; it is never enough.
I'm so glad Topher's all mine!
by careohline February 03, 2010
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n. The other half of Christopher, an alternate for Chris.
SOme people call him Chris, but he prefers Topher.
by Chris Beddow April 14, 2004
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Fan girl 1: "Oh my boobs, is that Topher???"
Fan girl 2: "No that can't be, Topher is waaay cooler."
Fan girl 1: "YES IT IS!! ZOMGZZOMFGZZ<?:~{}{!"}£"%!!!"
*lots of squeaking and happiness*
by GotTheMoooves June 05, 2009
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(v) To make an object (usually one that is at first well-liked) hated by incessantly imitating, quoting, or reciting facts about said object.
(n) 1. One that follows another around consistently, going out of his or her way to be in your company. An exceptionally clingy object.
2. One that treats your personal space as his or her own.
Etymology: A well known person at MIT with the nickname Topher was notorious for doing these acts.
That Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard sure was funny at first, but then those jackasses with no lives tophered the thing right into the ground.

Sloppy boyfriends often make the mistake of tophering their relationships to their male friends.

The minute I got back online, that Topher noticed and called my house, inviting himself over for dinner. After the meal, he watched TV in the living room and farted on the sofa, proceeding to fall asleep there for the night.
by Monk of Justice August 05, 2003
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Topher is when a man is so hard and stiff that his penis stretches the underwear he is wearing. (Word inspired by gay porn star Topher Dimaggio)
by DoJoCa August 17, 2014
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