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Considered to be the greatest automotive magazine on television. It is broadcasted on BBC and ITV, and features the humorous Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Every episode includes a very strange comparison of vehicles (not necessarily cars), which shows how silly the producers really are....
Top Gear is my 2nd favorite show, next to Family Guy!
by gplpark92 August 05, 2006

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Stupid idiot selfish wealthy athlete who gets all respect and all girls in high school, who usually gets bad grades and gets nowhere in life. These people pick on the 'nerds' and smart people bcuz they think they're too 'cool' to study or do any work, so they pick on the minority student who isn't so popular. All the girls pay attention to him and ignore the hardworking, achieving students who work hard. Also, the only thing in these guys's brains are their sport, no one elses and nothing else.
everyone in my school. jocks.
by gplpark92 July 24, 2006

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Two morons who think they can rap.

Repeatedly shouting racial slurs and otherwise offensive language, they are one of the major "Crunk" artists.

However, their background samplings are often quite attractive. Of course, NEITHER of the Ying Yang Twins contribute to the selection of background music, with the combined IQ in the 15-20 range.

In my opinion, I think i could find a pencil that's smarter and more creative, and I am shocked that the FCC allows them to rap about what they rap about.

I think they should move on and think up new ideas before releasing another album.

I am sorry if you disagree with me, for I am just giving my opinion. If you find the examples offensive, then HHHAAAAHHH!!!!

Ying Yang Twins Are Idiots. Period.
"Look at you Ying Yang Twins! You can't even spell your own names!"

Tyrone: Are 'Dem Franchise Boys' and the 'Ying Yang Twins' related?

Ricky: Probably, they too stupid to even close a window!
by gplpark92 June 01, 2006

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cheap plastic crap, unreliable and dies in 2 years. They are loud and weak, made of recycled engines from the 80s. This goes the same with Ford.
chevy sux bigtime, same with Ford, and same with All GM.
by gplpark92 July 29, 2006

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Rap is a genre of music, a poetic, realistic rhyme put to a beat.

It used to be a respectful, decent form of music, however, it has turned bad, into utter crap listened to by posers.

50 Cent/G-Unit
Mike Jones
Lil Jon
Ying Yang Twins (tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum)
All other "Crunk" artists.

Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg

Rap has since turned into mindless idiots rapping about jewelry, money, prostitutes, wheels, & luxury SUVs.

Yes, old rap is the true definition of rap, not the crap you see on MTV everyday. Rap has promoted: bad treatment of women, selling drugs, wasting money on a Cadillac Escalade, and dropping out of school.

However, I have very little respect and DISLIKE Snoop Dogg very much, because he is a HORRIBLE example for teens everywhere, and (in my opinion) belongs in jail. His music is extremely negative and promotes gangs, crime, drugs, and everything else I mentioned above.

I have the most respect for Dr. Dre, because he's a smart, decent man, with creative ideas. He went somewhere with his life, and does a good job of depicting life for most poor minorities in the ghettos. His work is wonderful, and he deserves many awards.

Too bad this can't be said about most new rappers, although there are some good new rappers, such as: Lupe Fiasco and Eminem.

Rap sucks now..
Rap is good..
not anymore though.
by gplpark92 September 19, 2006

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program used for illegally gettin stuff.

its great for music and music videos

crappy for anything else, most of it is garbage spyware or just plain duds.

dont download anything thats 851.7Kb, if u havnt realized, its a virus.

y u usin limewire!! Its ILLEGAL!!! hehe
limewire is good, and crap
by gplpark92 July 26, 2006

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A talented producer, DJ/MC, and beatsmaster. He was Pharrell's right-hand man in The Neptunes (AKA N*E*R*D). Also, he's helped produce numerous songs, but unfortunately is not mentioned and is often ignored.

Chad Hugo is beast!
Him & Pharrell Break it Down!

guess who does the keyboard and beat for "Drop It Like Its Hot"

by gplpark92 August 13, 2006

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