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The expulsion of air from the vagina. A pussy fart.
" F'd my girlfriend so hard, she quaifed for a week.
by gomez August 3, 2003
to be pro at cs and own all :D

gomez and team senile r fukin cainorz
gomez and team senile r fukin cainorz
by gomez November 25, 2004
Guy: "Hey man, what's up?"
Other guy: "Nothing, just whippin' picadilly."
by gomez February 1, 2005
conversion of text to leet or transtition of habit to write leet text instead of regular text
borked in leetization of broken
by gomez October 20, 2003
Faggot, noobie cs player, cant aim for shit, 12 yrs old!! what more can I saY!!!!!!
whois: usemytoes
by gomez November 25, 2003
(N) An internet persona used by a pimple faced middle aged basement dwelling moron who still sucks his momma's teats

(V). A slang term used to describe the act of having sexual intercourse with canine partners.

This is likely how the above individual gained his acreen name
Chris got caught rovering his neighbor's poodle, so the judge ordered him back on his medications
by gomez May 16, 2014