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A word used to describe the state of ones anal sphincter while suffering a severe case of piles or sexually related anal aggravation. (As in Bronta-sore-arse)
"Thanks to my bulbous arse grapes I've got a severe bronta at the moment"

"I've got a bronta after all that uphill gardening last night!"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
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Plymouth Janner slang for the vagina.
"Ooooh my minnie minor is on fire, must have contracted a good dose of the clap down milleniums last night"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
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A term for the projectile like form of the penis and the yoghurt like semen that is squirted from it at the point of orgasm.
As Angela gently tickled Richards love spuds his yoghurt rocket was pointed skyward and ready for action.
by gogggg January 27, 2006
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A name commonly used to describe the type of person who likes to sit around all day chuffing on a fat marijuana bifter.
'That Robbie is a right green fiend, all he does is sit there smoking reefers and playing that bloody playstation all day'
by gogggg February 06, 2006
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An expression often used by ravers to describe the way one is feeling and or looking after the excess consumption of drugs. Usually ecstasy and other party orientated substances.
" Yeah mate, I've had a couple of those pink E's and a fat line of K......I'm fucking pie faced"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
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