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The number of fucks that one gives.
Person 1: Excuse me, sir, can you spare a fuck?
Person 2: I am truly sorry, I have 0 fucks left.
by gnodaB November 06, 2013

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Combination of amused+disturbed. i.e., The state of being both amused and disturbed at the same time. Common among individuals with warped and/or crass senses of humor such as those who frequent /b/ or alt.tasteless.
My friend and I discussed all the things that cause weird colored poop earlier. It was gross but I couldn't stop laughing I was so amurbed.
by gnodab December 01, 2009

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A portmanteau of "environmentalist" and "hemorrhoid," an enviroid is a self-appointed savior for the planet whose humorless criticisms of others lifestyle choices make them a pain in the ass.
Dave came up to me at the party last night and gave me a bunch of crap for driving a mile to get here instead of walking in the summer heat; then he got really salty because I drive an SUV. What an enviroid!
by gnodab August 31, 2018

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The frequency at which a WATB (whiny-ass titty-baby) whines about something.
The whining by pacifists after Osama Bin Laden was killed registered at over 9000 ButtHertz (BHz). It was at once both a painful and sweet sound.
by gnodab May 05, 2011

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