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A hype, energetic, outgoing, wilding out state of mind.
Whenever I hit the bar my mind goes into beast mode.
by gmoney September 19, 2003

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Paper, Money. derived from the word scroll, which is how paper used to be used was on a scroll. scroll became scrill, then scrilla.
Yo, i need some work, gotta get that scrilla.
by gmoney January 19, 2004

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A powerful program, yes, but one that drives one to put bullets into thy head. A popular engineering tool to graph and calculate hard shit.
Dude, I gotta go do my work on maple.
Dude, If I were you, I would rather gauge my own eyeballs out.
by gmoney September 16, 2004

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A term one uses when departing. It's similar to saying "peace" when you're about to step out.
Aiight bro I got some errands to go catch up on. Catch u lata. One.
by GMoney April 18, 2003

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a song (usually a hip hop song)
Yo u heard that dope new cut by 50 Cent? It's gonna blow up yo.
by GMoney April 18, 2003

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a duecebag + a hick and sometimes + fat
dude, rafa is such a oatbag
by Gmoney March 21, 2005

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Simply put, a mediocre baseball team but no match against the Yankees, successfully putting them down time after time. Im not a Yankee Fan or a Sox Fan, i live in San Franciso and this is the truth.
Sox can beat other East Teams except the Yankees.
by gmoney October 17, 2003

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