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The act of an ugly skinny girl acting like a bitch but in a twat-like fashion.
"That chick is talking shit about everyone. She's all ratchet and shit so she has no room to talk. What a deertwat."
by getwellPablo February 5, 2015
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The act of a man having a three waywith two women and fucking one girl then immediately fucking the next one in the same bed. This may or may not be a turn on for one or both girls and can often lead to rejection and leave the man un-laid.
"Man I'm so disappointed."
"What happened?"
"I tried to Double-Dip the Chicken Wing..."
"Did it work?"
by getwellPablo February 13, 2015
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"Non Vape Related"

Primarily used in dedicated vaping/ecig groups and posts on social media. It's when someone brings up a subject or question that isn't vaping related.
"NVR but what did you think about the new Star Wars movie?"
by getwellPablo January 3, 2018
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A girl who wears camo every single day and acts or is a complete and total utter slut/whore.
"You see that chick wearing the camo?"
"She's so easy that's it's sad. She's had three boyfriends these past two weeks"
"What a camoslut."
by getwellPablo February 23, 2015
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A person who wears camo/camouflage clothing or camo design accessories every single day. It typically takes up 25-100% of their outfit. A camotwat typically is a person who doesn't hunt but wants people to think they do.
"Hey, do you want to go hunting this weekend?"
"Nah man I've never been hunting."
"Then why do you wear camo all the time?"
"Idk I just do."

"Bitch, you a camotwat!"
by getwellPablo February 5, 2015
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When a hoe thinks she is "looking good" and tasty after she got ready to turn up at a club. The hoe typically is dressed very slutty clothing and has a ton of make up on and also comes off as extremely easy.
"Wow I can't wait to get turnt tonight!! I'm gonna go home with a guy I can just feel it!"
"Gurl we lookin' hoelicious right now!"
by getwellPablo March 6, 2015
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A female that is typically a slut or a whore that pretends to know how to speak Spanish to sound smarter and tries to hit on or sleep with men they meet at americanized mexican restaurants. They typically do not know about real Hispanic culture and come off as extremely stupid and easy.
"Dude some girl tried to hit on me in Taco Bell."
"Yeah, she said that fajitas are her favorite Mexican food for starters and then tried to sexually drink the sauces from the packets."
"That sounds like a tacoslut if you ask me."
"You're not wrong on that one."
by getwellPablo February 25, 2015
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