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"Non Vape Related"

Primarily used in dedicated vaping/ecig groups and posts on social media. It's when someone brings up a subject or question that isn't vaping related.
"NVR but what did you think about the new Star Wars movie?"
by getwellPablo January 02, 2018
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Noob Virgin Retard, commonly used an insult in MOBA games
What an NVR that guy was
by Plockdog May 08, 2016
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A word used to describe ones "demon" status. Also refers to a "devil child". Usually a young girl within the ages of 12-14. Frequents /b/ and hentai boards. Listens to Lordi and has fantasies about being dominated by a female motorcylist.

A new type of perverted internet geek that can be called, "Nvr".
by Crawling_In_My_Skin November 04, 2006
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