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the awkward point in a conversation where both participants realize that there is absolutely nothing left to talk about
i ran into my ex today, the conversation was pleasant enough but we very quickly reached the point of no response, and it was time to make up crummy excuses and get the hell out of there
by geek.neo April 13, 2010

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the alternate and more accurate name for twitter, especially when used by someone known for talking crap
guess who's on shitter! man, that kevin trudeau sheets like it's nobody's business!
by geek.neo July 26, 2010

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from the film memento: the act of tattooing reminders on one's body
why do i always stress so much? i need to memento reinhold niebuhr's "serenity prayer"
by geek.neo May 14, 2010

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Sir, we've passed the PNR - we have no choice but to continue the mission!

I ran into my boss on the subway yesterday - we hit the PNR after exactly two seconds so I had to take a Phoney Call
by geek.neo May 18, 2010

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an expression for someone who overuses his vehicle's horn, specifically holding it down for more than a second at a time.

a horn happy person is usually particularly impatient on the road, and doesn't understand that holding down a vehicle's horn is an aggressive action that causes physical discomfort and harm to people (pedestrians, cyclists and rollerbladers) in the immediate vicinity of the car, in addition to irritating people who live in the area.

horn happy people are usually unaware of just how little actual value is added by their hooting - a typical result of a lengthy hoot is the slowing down or stopping of the person in front to see what all the trouble is.
i'd like to report that horn happy bastard - my ears are ringing!
by geek.neo April 25, 2010

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anyone who uses his phone / portable audio device on public transport, forcing their fellow passengers to listen to horrifically tinny blasts of what are usually the lamest songs on the radio

offenders usually require multiple requests to lower the volume / turn off the device, and it always helps if more than one person gets involved.
"hey, kid! turn that shit off! damned phonic thugs intruding on my phone calls..."

"the ride sucked - some phonic thugs hopped on just after me, and that's gotta be the worst sounding crap i've ever heard. i'd be embarrassed if people thought i listened to that pathetic shit"

"dude - i'm trying to sleep / read / not tear your stupid phonic thug head off, shut that shit down or get off the damn bus!"
by geek.neo April 29, 2010

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the art of putting an audience to sleep with incorrect use of a presentation.

features usually include - but are not limited to - having no personality to speak of, reading off the slides, packing slides with too much meaningless data and not actually getting anything across.
whoa - where am i? dave's powerpoint monotonics put me right to sleep!

aw, man - if i'd known it was going to be a marathon of powerpoint monotonics i would've stayed at home and looked all that shit up on the internet.
by geek.neo May 06, 2010

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