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1. masculine wisdom - an understanding an appreciation for the penis and everything it represents

2. knowing how to behave like a giant penis; conversely, being an expert in the identification of such behaviour
jim's taking phallusophy 101 - he's read frank t.j. mackey's seduce and destroy, now he thinks he's a god

mike: bob's become a total prick since he got promoted - i heard him tell his secretary that she should "improve their relations" if she expects to get a raise...
mark: what, so you're now an expert in phallusophy?
by geek.neo November 6, 2010
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the internal physiological mechanism responsible for causing one to wake up at workday times on the weekend.

also responsible for any low-grade sleep disorders and the inability to stay awake during any meetings held after lunch.
"it's saturday, go back to sleep!"
"i can't, it's my bio-illogical clock on the fritz again."
by geek.neo March 5, 2010
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Sir, we've passed the PNR - we have no choice but to continue the mission!

I ran into my boss on the subway yesterday - we hit the PNR after exactly two seconds so I had to take a Phoney Call
by geek.neo May 18, 2010
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1. the title of the first fairy tale ever printed in english, and the name of its protagonist.

2. the name given to tiny, loud firecrackers

3. not a nice thing to call a midget
"Tom is no bigger than his father's thumb, and his adventures include being swallowed by a cow, tangling with giants, and becoming a favourite of King Arthur" (wikipedia)

shit! whoever threw those tom thumbs almost gave me a heart-attack!
by geek.neo January 2, 2011
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also known as a supplementarian.

someone who takes supplements because a healthy diet is too much effort to maintain.
even a red-blooded meat-eater like myself can't maintain a healthy diet without popping a few pills, so i've become a technovore.
by geek.neo February 28, 2012
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the art of putting an audience to sleep with incorrect use of a presentation.

features usually include - but are not limited to - having no personality to speak of, reading off the slides, packing slides with too much meaningless data and not actually getting anything across.
whoa - where am i? dave's powerpoint monotonics put me right to sleep!

aw, man - if i'd known it was going to be a marathon of powerpoint monotonics i would've stayed at home and looked all that shit up on the internet.
by geek.neo May 6, 2010
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someone who's so clueless about being a human being that they need to study and write papers about it.
our lecturer is totally bizarre!
oh, he's a cultural anthropologist. he's trying to "understand" this whole "living" thing.
by geek.neo January 24, 2011
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