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any popup, or any window that won't close once you've clicked the "X" because it's still loading or has become stuck.

much like an indian street vendor pushing a sale with a tourist who's already said "no".
dammit, i didn't mean to click on that! now i've got a bunch of indian windows to deal with and i just want to get back to work...
by geek.neo December 7, 2010
the global financial crisis of 2008 was caused by the swineancial institutions guilty of profiteering and debtism
by geek.neo September 7, 2011
a style of walking sideways, similar to a mosey, used to avoid worsening a chafe.
are you feeling alright?
yeah, but i have to chafe strafe after spending so much time playing on the sandy beach
by geek.neo September 27, 2010
also known as a technovore.

someone who takes supplements because a healthy diet is too much effort to maintain.
even a red-blooded meat-eater like myself can't maintain a healthy diet without popping a few pills, so i've become a supplementarian.
by geek.neo February 28, 2012
the alternate and more accurate name for twitter, especially when used by someone known for talking crap
guess who's on shitter! man, that kevin trudeau sheets like it's nobody's business!
by geek.neo July 26, 2010
1. masculine wisdom - an understanding an appreciation for the penis and everything it represents

2. knowing how to behave like a giant penis; conversely, being an expert in the identification of such behaviour
jim's taking phallusophy 101 - he's read frank t.j. mackey's seduce and destroy, now he thinks he's a god

mike: bob's become a total prick since he got promoted - i heard him tell his secretary that she should "improve their relations" if she expects to get a raise...
mark: what, so you're now an expert in phallusophy?
by geek.neo November 6, 2010
Sir, we've passed the PNR - we have no choice but to continue the mission!

I ran into my boss on the subway yesterday - we hit the PNR after exactly two seconds so I had to take a Phoney Call
by geek.neo May 18, 2010