4 definitions by gbread1012

very cool person with a nickname dubbed upon her by chris
Chris: Hey Sbecky!
by gbread1012 October 29, 2003
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1. the (former) mascot of a certain pit orchestra
2. a blue/pink rabbit that you can bend that you will probably find in CVS around Easter time
Bendy rabbit spent the evening sitting on Matt's cello.
by gbread1012 February 6, 2004
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1. Bart Simpson's way of describing his dad.
2. A big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin (that has a short temper).
3. A song written by a bunch of high school orchestra students who seem to have nothing better to do.
4. An exclaimation used by said orchestra students.
Random Orchestra Student...Namely Me: Kwyjibo!
by gbread1012 February 5, 2004
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