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giving up your life to live in a hole in front of the stage. most amazing experience ever. crazy stuff happens in that wonderous hole that none of the actors know about; theyre all jealous that they dont get to sit in a hole for infinite amount of hours. many friendships are created and you are left with some of the best memories of your life. when pit's over its extremely depressing and you miss every thing about it =(
by pit is amazing April 29, 2010
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a group of musicians who get together to play x-box, and wii for 7 hours a day while the cast and crew are blocking there parts stilll after 5 12 hr rehearsals. Commonly the bari sax player is the coolest of them all.
Student: May I be dismissed from all of my classes today so I can rehearse with the pit orchestra

Counselor: Yes you may in fact I'll have your teacher excuse all of your homework assignments for this month.

Student: Sucker
by basungy240 July 24, 2008
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