a cute girl who's small enough to fit in your pocket
jake: that girl is so small and cute
nick: damn wocket get in my pocket
aubrey: yessir
by ally23SCS November 7, 2008
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A little kid that needs to use the urban dictionary or ask an adult what a word means every other day.
Random person: Yea I know, school is harsh.
Wocket: What does harsh mean?
Random person: Oh forget it.
by sjdjaiwmd July 23, 2021
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when yo place your penis in your friends pocket without them knowing
Susie didn't realise i had pocket wocketed untill she went to grab her phone
by StevenSevenArms November 23, 2016
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Excerpt - what lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner would
sound like if sung by Barbara Walters or Elmer Fudd
wockets' wed gware, gave pwoof twouth the night...that
our fwag was still there...wand of the fwee...home of the
bwave (huhuhuhuhuhuh)
Not written as a slap in the face to the United States,
but rather to illuminate the underlying attitude that
pretty much "anything goes"
by weasler February 24, 2006
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